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Hello, Welcome to my Badace Site
This site im doing in loving memory of Corey Van Hunter. He was a very good friend I used to have untill I brutally killed him. He was a nice guy in all but one day he step on my shoe and I just blew up and stabed him 14 1/2 times. Here is a picture of him to your right.
The Good Years
Back in the day my and Corey used to hang out all the time. We went to the park, took long walks on the beach, played with cuddley kittens, and many other things to our liking. Sorry im getting a little teary eyed
He was the champion of the Elivs impersinator contest.

Justin Bell..
This kid is crazy he is always happy and he loves to see friends taking pictures. He has a moped license and moped which is pretty gay if you ask me.

STD's and the story of my life
I just wanted to tell you how to prevent getting all 2 types of herppies. Well first of all is dont EVER kiss some one with either type this could couse you to catch it. Dont have sex with a person with either type of herppies.Here a good idea you should never even touch them its is what I do its is the safest method. BEWARW Corey has pelnty of STD's so steer clear of him, he doesnt mind giving you some, dont even look at him cause he even has a STD that can be pass through visualy looking him. Eww is right ladys.

Justin Bellifontane
This is him in a hot Hawiian shirt on his moped.